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Saucing Basics for the Home Cook – Easy Espagnole and Demi-Glace

Starting off with Espagnole: Espagnole is a classic mother sauce. Since Escoffier revolutionized “French Cuisine” at the beginning of the twentieth century, Espagnole has been an intermediate step in making other sauces (called compound sauces). With the exception of a few individuals, most people don’t like it on its own; and it is (almost) never […]

Snow White and the Seven* Mothers – A Little Perspective

There are seven mother sauces in “classic” French cuisine.  Careme had four, one of which didn’t overlap with Escoffier’s five.  At some point after Escoffier touched Adam’s finger and gave humanity life, everyone slapped themselves on the forehead and said, “merde.”  Merde is not a mother sauce, but mayonnaise is. The daughter to a mother […]