Cook Food Good

American Cooking and Technique for Beginners and Intermediates


What’s this site about?  It’s about a lot of things, including but not necessarily limited to:

•    Forcing myself to work out issues relating to writing a cookbook: COOK FOOD GOOD:  American Cooking and Technique for Beginners and Intermediates.
•    Getting feedback on my work from you.
•    Seeing if I can’t get some help finding a real publisher, but no self-publishing ideas, thank you.
•    Discussions on basic and not-so-basic techniques. The recipes here are very technique driven.  Similarly, the idea behind the book is to be far more about the how than the what – with the goal of teaching you to create your own recipes and tweak other people’s, confidently and successfully.
•    How to cook better, as it relates to you (and me too).  That is, taking a beginner or advanced beginner to good, restaurant quality. Mostly this will be (more or less) French technique and (more or less) American food.  But only mostly, more or less.
•    Recipes for this, that and the other.
•    Knives (which have somehow become a subject on which I frequently get asked for advice):  How to choose and how to use.
•    Sharpening.  What to buy, and how to do.
•    Barbeque – Including smoking and grilling; sauces and sides; apps, mains and desserts; equipment and wasting money.
•    A little about booze: Cocktails, Wines, Beers, Blenders, How to stock a bar; and, the ever popular Whatnot.
•    Baking: Mostly limited to bread, but a few desserts too.
•    Kitchen Appliances and Small Tools
•    Answering questions which come my way.  I’m not an expert on all things relating to cooking, but sometimes I can help.  You can always ask, the worst thing that can happen is, “Beats the hell out of me.”
•    Getting information from anyone who wants to participate.
•    A few reviews of local restaurants
•    A bunch of other stuff

All of this coming at you from the perspective of “New American Cuisine” with a few forays into “New International,” and some non-American regional.  Haute, bourgeois, and comfort – makes no never mind.

Not everything will be posted at once, nor will all planned categories be listed.  If you want me to post it and/or write about it sooner rather than later – ask.  A man likes a request.

The first Cook Food Good Blog was hosted by the website, Chef Talk.  However, CT, removed its blog section.  If you’re interested in bad writing, poor punctuation and ancient history, you’ll find the old CT posts archived here.  One thing about posting on CT, was that it acted as a sort of language and attitude super-ego.  Don’t count on it here.  This is naked id.

I’ll try to answer any and all actual questions addressed to me; while reserving the right to edit or refuse questions and comments as the whim takes me.

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