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My Review of Bosca 18 x 27 Home Desk Pad in Chestnut Correspondent

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Originally submitted at Luggage Source

Padded leather side panels
Flat black writing surface made of true battleship linoleum
Soft felt bottom to protect desktop surface
18.0” x 27.0” x 0.5”

Nice Piece of Desk Furniture

By Boar D Laze from Monrovia, CA on 5/24/2012


5out of 5

Primary use: Personal

Was this a gift?: No

The blotter is very well made with high-quality leather, as you’d expect from Bosca. The pad itself is made from a rather heavy, but flexible piece of linoleum which is an excellent backer for even the most demanding fountain-pen writer. Me, for instance.

You’ll need to supply and trim your own blotter paper.

You can spend a lot more on a desk blotter, but can’t get better. If you want to dress your desk with the best possible furnishings this is as good as it gets; and at a reasonable price to boot.

Very highly recommended, without reservation.


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