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Bre’r Debbil Likes Him Some Seafood – fra diavolo

Pasta Fra Diavolo is not a traditional Italian dish.  It’s origin is more likely in Italian-America than Italy itself.  That’s important only to free you from the idea that when you make Fra Diavolo you have to conform to some ancient tradition and get everything just so.  Like cioppino, it’s more about “catch of the […]

Saucing Basics for the Home Cook – Easy Espagnole and Demi-Glace

Starting off with Espagnole: Espagnole is a classic mother sauce. Since Escoffier revolutionized “French Cuisine” at the beginning of the twentieth century, Espagnole has been an intermediate step in making other sauces (called compound sauces). With the exception of a few individuals, most people don’t like it on its own; and it is (almost) never […]


  This is incredibly easy.  It’s incredibly simple.  It’s an incredibly good accompaniment to just about any protein.  If there’s a catch, no one’s discovered it yet.    It is infinitely variable, allowing scope for whimsical improvisation.  Vary it by taking out the mayonnaise and using all sour cream, or vice versa.  Or, replacing the mayonnaise […]

Fettuccine Alfredo – The Real Way

Alfredo the real way. Simple recipe. Lots of work. No cream, no eggs. You’ve got to try it.

Beurre nantais

A more robust variation of beurre blanc. It’s a better choice for parties or large dinners because it holds up better than beurre blanc. The caterer’s choice.

Beurre Blanc – Wine Lemon and Lemon Caper Variations

These are a couple of the most popular variations on a classic sauce that’s useful for fish, vegetables, poultry, veal, and even pork.  Part of its pleasure is its ephemeral nature.  It comes out creamy but doesn’t stay that way long.  It also has the reputation of being a little difficult – but not to […]