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Potato Pancakes – Theme and Variation

Potato pancakes.  Yum. The three names, from Yiddish, German and Danish respectively, highlight a universe of alternatives which are perhpas not so alternative.  No matter what you call them, the proportions are more or less the same.  A few of the techniques differ depending on whether the pancakes are grated or ground.  And ahhh, the […]

Fish and chips

The best fish and chips I’ve ever had came from the King’s Head, a theme British style pub which was owned by a couple of Aussies in Santa Monica.  The Aussies are gone, the King’s Head remains.  The fish is wonderful.  So are the chips. As a result of their training, I prefer the coating […]

Smoke Fried “Chicken Margarita”

Although he’s unlikely to remember it, Bobby Seale, of Black Panther fame, told me about smoked-fried chicken at a family (neither of ours) gathering in Oakland, by the lake, “back in the day.”  Considering the results, someone else who’s also likely to have blocked the experience, asked me to develop a chicken brine for KCBS […]