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Price of their toys – quotations from chairman boar

Money is always a big thing. You’re already at the point where you’re committed to spending too much. That doesn’t mean wotthehell wotthehell, double down and carry a bunch of debt on your credit card. Nevertheless, buy whatever you think is best — even if it’s $50 more than your second choice and $100 more […]

AND AFTER THE COOKBOOK – Quotations of Chairman Boar

The Five Inevitable Stages of Any Cooperative Human Endeavor For Which You Are Not The Boss 1.    Wild enthusiasm; 2.    Complete chaos; 3.    Search for the guilty 4.    Persecution of the innocent; and 5.    Promotion of the incompetent. Chairman Boar

To Be or Not To Be – Quotations of Chairman Boar

Nobody likes a smartass.  Not even in a think tank. Chairman Boar

Doing vs Understanding – Quotations of Chairman Boar

To do without understanding is not to understand. To understand without doing is also not to understanding. Chairman Boar