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Konosuke HD – First, First Impression

The stars aligned; I read a few reviews; had a birthday coming up;  and — as some of you may remember from Dinches With Knives — had a brief, physical encounter in a parking lot with a Konosuke HD gyuto.  Shortly afterwards, about a month ago, I ordered a 270mm knife from Chef’s Knives To […]

Nogent Rambling

If you’re interested in a high-performance knife with an almost uniquely good profile, great handle, wonderfully retro look, and more than its share of history let me whisper one word into your ear.  Thiers-Issard Elephant Quatre Etoile Nogent.  Was that more than one word? I would have just called them Nogents but there is at […]

French and German Chef’s Knives – Profiles In Cutting

“Profile” is a term which gets used a lot when talking about knives. The words “French” and “German” are often bandied about when discussing Chef’s knives/gyutos. What and why? One of your primary interactions with a chef’s knife is determined by the shape of the edge (as viewed from that angle).  If you don’t fight […]

Wusthof musings

Dreizack is the German word for Trident.  Dreizack is the top of Wusthof’s production, made in Germany, and I believe the only Wusthofs imported to North America. Wusthof Dreizack knives have a picture of a trident screened on the blade.  For a number of reasons, some good and some bad, the Wusthof Trident brand is […]