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Price of their toys – quotations from chairman boar

Money is always a big thing. You’re already at the point where you’re committed to spending too much. That doesn’t mean wotthehell wotthehell, double down and carry a bunch of debt on your credit card. Nevertheless, buy whatever you think is best — even if it’s $50 more than your second choice and $100 more […]

AND AFTER THE COOKBOOK – Quotations of Chairman Boar

The Five Inevitable Stages of Any Cooperative Human Endeavor For Which You Are Not The Boss 1.    Wild enthusiasm; 2.    Complete chaos; 3.    Search for the guilty 4.    Persecution of the innocent; and 5.    Promotion of the incompetent. Chairman Boar

To Be or Not To Be – Quotations of Chairman Boar

Nobody likes a smartass.  Not even in a think tank. Chairman Boar

Doing vs Understanding – Quotations of Chairman Boar

To do without understanding is not to understand. To understand without doing is also not to understanding. Chairman Boar

Barbecue Brisket – An XI Step Program

Fair notice.  This is (cough) somewhat longer than your average recipe. Barbecue, in its most popular American incarnations, is mostly a child of Southern culture. Barbecued brisket on the other hand, is a part of non-overlapping Texas cuisine. Competition style brisket – essentially Texan – and what this recipe is all about, is cooked so […]

Dinches With Knives

Lunch in Monterey Park; Meet Jon Broida

Snow White and the Seven* Mothers – A Little Perspective

There are seven mother sauces in “classic” French cuisine.  Careme had four, one of which didn’t overlap with Escoffier’s five.  At some point after Escoffier touched Adam’s finger and gave humanity life, everyone slapped themselves on the forehead and said, “merde.”  Merde is not a mother sauce, but mayonnaise is. The daughter to a mother […]

Long Time No See

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What’s New Here 02/10/10

What’s new by me?  Funny you should ask: 4th Entry (but who’s counting?)  02/10/10 Not much to say today beyond the playbill. Caesar Salad: Caesar Salad in one of the very few ways it should be made.  Read the recipe and let me know if you think there is anything else which I should have […]

What’s New Here, 02/09/10

Only two new recipes after three days, instead of three or four on the usual interval. Alice of Wonderland fame, said about every-other day schedules, “Jam yesterday and jam tomorrow, but never jam today.” As I say, “Better late than Monday.” Corned Beef and Cabbage. Do it right, and it’s a VGT. This is how […]

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