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Barbecue Brisket – An XI Step Program

Fair notice.  This is (cough) somewhat longer than your average recipe. Barbecue, in its most popular American incarnations, is mostly a child of Southern culture. Barbecued brisket on the other hand, is a part of non-overlapping Texas cuisine. Competition style brisket – essentially Texan – and what this recipe is all about, is cooked so […]

Snow White and the Seven* Mothers – A Little Perspective

There are seven mother sauces in “classic” French cuisine.  Careme had four, one of which didn’t overlap with Escoffier’s five.  At some point after Escoffier touched Adam’s finger and gave humanity life, everyone slapped themselves on the forehead and said, “merde.”  Merde is not a mother sauce, but mayonnaise is. The daughter to a mother […]