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GUILLOTINE AND GLIDE – The Classic French Action

Knife Skills, Part Whatever I call the classic, French action used to make many of the classic cuts with a chef’s knife Guillotine and Glide.  But as far as I know (a) no one else does; and (b) there is no real name for it. And while we’re caveating, this technique is useful but it […]

Getting a Grip on a Good Pinch

The only sane way to look at knife skills is pragmatically.  Whatever works. Most western cooks with good knife skills use something called the pinch grip when they use a chef’s knife to make the “classic” stick and dice cuts” like julienne and batonet; fine dice and brunoise.  It’s the grip I use and will […]

corned beef hash

  We had corned beef for dinner the 15th of March.  For dinner on St. Patrick’s day, the 17th, we had this hash.  Hash is a very good thing, but because the techniques are so simple, almost to the level of boiling water, and because there are any number of good recipes available on the […]