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Steeling Away – A Tutorial

Why Steel At All? Knife edges get bent out of shape most as a result of impact  — most often against the board, but also by cutting through bone or anything else hard.  If the edge isn’t bent over too far, it can be trued by rubbing it along a hard, straight rod, commonly called […]

Dulling Thoughts

There’s a common belief that you can keep a knife sharp for a year or more by using a rod hone aka “knife steel.”  WRONG-O! All knives get dull.  There’s only so much you can do with a steel. This isn’t just about my standards of sharpness, but everyone’s. •    A fine or polished steel […]

Give Your Fingerguard a French Manicure

Here’s another post ripped from Fred’s.  jmbullman, a member there, asked how to deal with the bolster on his Nogent when sharpening. There are a lot of different kinds of bolsters, but only a few of them either are or have finger guards which extend all the way down the back of the blade.  So, […]

Polishing, I Can’t Quit You

This was posted on Fred’s Cutlery Forum earlier today.  It’s a post I wrote to Chris Lehrer, a friend of mine who participates actively on both Fred’s and Chef Talk.  There’s some ineresting stuff here on how sharpening is different than polishing.  That is, if you’re interested in that sort of thing. In addition to […]

Hand American Stropping Kit — Some Preliminaries

Keith De Grau of Hand American was nice enough to help with the selection of equipment from Chef’s Knives To Go (Mark Richmond).   This is only a preliminary review, but I wanted to get something up to acknowledge their help. There are limits imposed by susceptibility to corrosion and “scratch hardness” to how well an […]

“Philosophies” of Sharpening

I’m not sure how you conceptualize sharpening. Some people look at it as a series of progressive shapings and polishings; starting on the coarsest stones, and just doing the same thing only doing it finer as they move up the grits.  Deburring is an incidental nuisance, a consequence of a burr which occurs when “bevels […]