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Dulling Thoughts

There’s a common belief that you can keep a knife sharp for a year or more by using a rod hone aka “knife steel.”  WRONG-O! All knives get dull.  There’s only so much you can do with a steel. This isn’t just about my standards of sharpness, but everyone’s. •    A fine or polished steel […]

Nogent Rambling

If you’re interested in a high-performance knife with an almost uniquely good profile, great handle, wonderfully retro look, and more than its share of history let me whisper one word into your ear.  Thiers-Issard Elephant Quatre Etoile Nogent.  Was that more than one word? I would have just called them Nogents but there is at […]

GUILLOTINE AND GLIDE – The Classic French Action

Knife Skills, Part Whatever I call the classic, French action used to make many of the classic cuts with a chef’s knife Guillotine and Glide.  But as far as I know (a) no one else does; and (b) there is no real name for it. And while we’re caveating, this technique is useful but it […]

French and German Chef’s Knives – Profiles In Cutting

“Profile” is a term which gets used a lot when talking about knives. The words “French” and “German” are often bandied about when discussing Chef’s knives/gyutos. What and why? One of your primary interactions with a chef’s knife is determined by the shape of the edge (as viewed from that angle).  If you don’t fight […]

Getting a Grip on a Good Pinch

The only sane way to look at knife skills is pragmatically.  Whatever works. Most western cooks with good knife skills use something called the pinch grip when they use a chef’s knife to make the “classic” stick and dice cuts” like julienne and batonet; fine dice and brunoise.  It’s the grip I use and will […]

Wusthof musings

Dreizack is the German word for Trident.  Dreizack is the top of Wusthof’s production, made in Germany, and I believe the only Wusthofs imported to North America. Wusthof Dreizack knives have a picture of a trident screened on the blade.  For a number of reasons, some good and some bad, the Wusthof Trident brand is […]

what you need to know About kitchen knives – introduction

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT KITCHEN KNIVES Introduction Whether you’re interested in buying a new knife or just know more about the knives you already have, this is the first post in a series that will help you understand what makes some knives better – or at least different – for any given task. […]