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My Review of Bosca 18 x 27 Home Desk Pad in Chestnut Correspondent

Originally submitted at Luggage Source Padded leather side panels Flat black writing surface made of true battleship linoleum Soft felt bottom to protect desktop surface 18.0” x 27.0” x 0.5” Bosca 18 x 27 Home Desk Pad in Chestnut Correspondent Nice Piece of Desk Furniture By Boar D Laze from Monrovia, CA on 5/24/2012   […]

Yet Another Brief Note

My father passed away on December 12th.  He was a good man, lived a long and fulfilling life and considered himself successful.  Death came quickly, without too much pain, and as a friend.  He faced his own mortality with as much courage and dignity as anyone I’ve ever seen. His death, as well as other […]

Just A Brief Note

My father’s health took a sudden turn for the very much worse, and what with that and a few other things I haven’t been able to devote much attention to CFG.  The situation will resolve itselve in a few days. In the meantime, I apologize for not responding to comments in a timely way; and […]

The Hosts They Are A-Changing

CFG will be changing webhosts  from HostMonster to iPage. iPage says the transfer will be seamless.  But instead of adding posts over the next few days which will complicate the process, I may stockpile a couple and add them when the transition is complete. The process should be complete by the 28th.  Further updates as […]

Dinches With Knives

Lunch in Monterey Park; Meet Jon Broida

What’s New This Week

What’s new by me?  Funny you should ask: 7th Week, 9th Entry (but who’s counting?),  03/18/10 St Patrick’s Day been and gone.  Time for the left overs. Corned Beef Hash:  Wow!  I thought the subject would be nicely covered in about 350 words. If you’ve been following along, you know I try to cover a […]

What’s New This Week

What’s new by me?  Funny you should ask: 8th Entry (but who’s counting?)  03/08/10 Looking forward to Saint Patrick’s Day?  I know I am.  Here are a couple of recipes to start the week out. Irish Soda Bread: Plus ca change, plus c’es la meme chose (the more things change, the more they stay the […]

What’s New This Week?

What’s new by me?  Funny you should ask: 7th Entry (but who’s counting?)  02/28/10 We hit a sort of milestone early this morning — 1000 page loads. Challah To Die For:  I actually posted this a few days, but what with one thing and another never got around to doing a “What’s New?”  Good egg […]

What’s New Here 02/21/10

What’s new by me?  Funny you should ask: 6th Entry (but who’s counting?)  02/21/10 Forming Batards: This is my first, pure technique post here at CFG.  Batards are the “artisanal,” hand-shaped loaves which look like actual loaves.   Fettucine Alfredo – The Real Way: No cream, no eggs.  The same dish Mary Pickford and Douglas […]

What’s New Here 02/14/10

What’s new by me?  Funny you should ask: 5th Entry (but who’s counting?)  02/14/10 Olive Bread: An excellent bread for someone who’s figured out white and “wheat” loaf pan breads and wants to take the next step in developing “touch.”  Great sandwich bread, great breakfast toast.  I had to post it today if for no […]